We provide lenders the ability to dispose of distressed assets instantly by moving bad debts off the books and recovering more value for the loan.  Our loan acquisition offers are consistently more competitive and 100% close in 30-days or less.  Lenders can maximize their recovery faster and easier.


There are significant internal oversight costs and typical foreclosure expenses during the 120-350+ day process that typically run $25K-$50k from start to finish.   Without a specialized asset manager it can take 10 hours/week to oversee.  Lenders are responsible for potential state and federal liability exposure and loan servicing requirements.


Back Bay Investment Group are experts in every aspect of the foreclosure process. 

Potential options can include:

Purchase the loan for its fair market value

Tailored partnership based on your individual needs and split recovery

Offer consultant services to help you manage the recovery process

Be your trustee and provide foreclosure services

Act as your agent to liquidate

Providing REO services – property management, evictions, repairs, major renovations, inspections, landscaping, leasing and selling



Our full range of REO services are industry leading.  We’re unique in the ability to offer solutions that extend beyond the traditional to post-foreclosure services. Even if the portfolio does not have any distressed loans or REO properties at the moment, we can find the best way to resolve these loans when the situation occurs in the future. Visit our Realty Group website for more details.