Every borrower’s situation is unique.   We understand that, so the first step to resolving a foreclosure situation is to gather some basic information about the borrower and the property.  The more we know about the borrower the more effective we are at determining the best solution.


We know this is a stressful time.  Sometimes it takes an impartial third party to offer an objective perspective.  We’re experts at helping real estate borrowers in default situations and can immediately stop foreclosure.  Once our fact gathering is complete we will provide options within 3 business days.  When you work with us, you can expect to stop foreclosure quickly and with minimal paperwork.  


Potential options to stop foreclosure include: reinstating the lien holder, which means bringing the past due amount current, or refinancing the lien holder.  If needed, Back Bay Investment Group can purchase the property or act as the agent to sell it.


Some of the most important factors we look to determine if there’s an opportunity to help the borrower get back on track are: 

Number of late payments

Total past due amount

Unpaid principle balance

Payoff amount

Interest rate

Default provisions

Loan maturity date

Payment amount


We can work with borrowers during this stressful period to develop a custom plan.  The first step is to call us for a brief call to understand the details.